Our Story


Emotif was founded on the belief that a powerful and well-executed brand experience can have a profound impact on customers, and transform a company’s economic fortunes. Emotif's core operating principle, and source of value for our clients, is our focus on creating collaborative processes that effectively bring together diverse talent from critical disciplines (operations, marketing, technology & design being the most crucial ones). Our blend of frameworks and techniques help our clients find new, more effective ways of working with each other, as well as with us. For our clients, the feeling of increased individual and collective effectiveness that comes with this is exciting, even exhilarating. 

Emotif was founded in 2012, originally under a different name. In 2018 we changed our name to Emotif to better reflect several years in which we had broadened our offerings, most notably in the related fields of innovation management and digital services.

emotif brand consultancy

Our Purpose

We help to build brands that deliver.

A brand that delivers is more than just a story, it's a set of design principles that are tangibly manifested in the products, services and experiences that a brand provides to its customers.  

In practical terms, this means that we help to design, refine and integrate our clients' products, services and customer relationship systems around a compelling set of brand design principles. We begin with brand strategy as a tool to identify those design principles and ensure that they are grounded in important customer needs. The more keenly felt the need, the greater the potential for customer value creation.  



Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce, Managing Partner

Simon has over 20 years of experience in bringing world-class brands to life. Simon has worked as a brand architect inside several different business models including work as a Management Consultant, Marketing Agency Strategist and Design Studio Leader.

Mary Elise Chavez

Mary Elise Chavez, Executive Creative Director

As our creative leader, Mary leads Emotif's efforts in multi-disciplinary design. Mary's roots are in digital-first design, having led digital branding and product design efforts for dozens of online and mobile-first businesses over the course of her career.