Our Story


In launching Emotif, our desire was to do high-impact branding work that could have a significant economic impact on our clients’ businesses. To do this, we have developed a more comprehensive model for creating and managing brand value: one that goes far beyond treating brand projects as mere communications exercises.

Two decades in the industry has taught us that strong brands are the lifeblood of many successful companies, yet a remarkably small number of companies ever make it into the top tier of brand excellence.

We believe that typical approaches to defining and managing brand projects often shy away from tackling the thorny challenges that need to be worked on in order to create big shifts in brand value.

The difference in our approach is that we help our clients develop and implement brands that work for the company as a whole, integrating inputs from across our clients’ organizations, with a focus on sustainable brand value creation rather than quick fixes. Our effectiveness is grounded in our ability to identify and overcome the organizational and structural barriers that prevent brands from reaching their full value potential.

The best brands provide consistently great experiences wherever, and whenever, customers interact with the company. Our goal is to help our clients create those compelling, consistent experiences across geographies, channels and departments.

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Our Methods

We help to build brands that deliver.

A brand that delivers is more than just a story, it's a set of design principles that are tangibly manifested in the products, services and experiences that a brand provides to its customers.  

In practical terms, this means that we help to design, refine and integrate our clients' products, services and customer relationship systems around a compelling set of brand design principles.



Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce, Managing Partner

Simon has over 20 years of experience in bringing world-class brands to life. Simon has worked as a brand architect inside several different business models including work as a Management Consultant, Marketing Agency Strategist and Design Studio Leader.

Mary Elise Chavez

Mary Elise Chavez, Executive Creative Director

As Emotif's creative leader, Mary is responsible for holistic brand design that integrates many design disciplines into a powerful overall design vision for our clients. Mary’s unique skill is in her ability to maintain the integrity of a strong design vision even as the medium, and the context changes during different phases of a project.