Simon Pearce
Managing Partner

Simon has over 20 years of experience in bringing world-class brands to life. Simon has worked as a brand architect inside several different business models including work as a Management Consultant, Marketing Agency Strategist and Design Studio Leader.

Mary Elise Chavez
Executive Creative Director

As Emotif's creative leader, Mary is responsible for holistic brand design that integrates many design disciplines into a powerful overall design vision for our clients. Mary’s unique skill is in her ability to maintain the integrity of a strong design vision even as the medium, and the context changes during different phases of a project.


Our Story

Est. 2012
We created Emotif to offer companies a more effective way to create brand value: by helping our clients design and deliver their brands at a deeper operational level.

The best brands provide consistently great experiences wherever, and whenever, customers interact with the company. Our goal is to help our clients create those compelling experiences across geographies, channels and offerings. 

Our Methods

We help our clients develop and implement brands that deliver superior, and more sticky, customer experiences. This work requires the fusion of business strategy and many different design disciplines, as well as a practical understanding of product, service and operational opportunities and constraints. 

Our effectiveness is grounded in our ability to work at the intersection of different disciplines and departments, to pool the collective intelligence of our clients (and our) organization, to create brand experiences that are as novel as they are effective. 

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Competitive Analysis and Brand Health

Understanding Customer Needs and Behaviors


Business Strategy and Brand Strategy alignment

Brand Portfolio Architecture

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Business Model Innovation


Customer Experience Design

Brand Identity and Naming

Product and Packaging Design

Websites and Apps

Environmental Design

Service Design


Brand Management Systems

Prototyping and Pilots

Content Creation


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