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The Wills Group

The Wills Group has enjoyed 90 years of growth and success in the Mid-Atlantic region. As with many successful and long-lived businesses, they found themselves at an inflection point in their history. Long-held assumptions had shifted; new entrants had entered their core markets and the mix of tools and talent they needed to be successful has changed significantly.

Dash In Food Stores

When Dash In first came to us, they had a thriving convenience store / gas station business of over 450 stores; and yet that business largely operated under the "umbrella" of other people's brands. Their prominent use of the brands of several major oil companies meant that many customers were unaware that they were at a "Dash In" at all.


With significant investments made in the emerging market for wearable technology, the team at Intel Corporation wanted to better understand the customer journey for Wearable Technology purchases in order to increase the rate of adoption and provide a better buying and usage experience for new adopters.