Six reasons why we love David's Tea


This weekend, we paid a visit to Canadian upstart brand “David’s Tea” in New York City. Since it’s founding in Toronto in 2008, David’s Tea has grown rapidly in Canada, and now in the United States.

There are lots of reasons to love David's Tea. Here are our top six.

1. Focus.

This is a very focused brand. There is no excess of ornamentation. The interior styling and branding are all about enabling customers to explore and enjoy different types of tea.

2. Simplicity and accessibility

There are a lot of different styles of tea in the world. Similar to wine, it can be bewildering and confusing. David’s Tea makes it really easy to navigate, with helpful, knowledgeable staff, curated seasonal selections and color coding of labels. Signage is not so much pushing product as helping you to explore the wonderful world of tea.

3. Discovery and Exploration

At David’s Tea, exploration and discovery is not an accident, it’s by design. It begins with strong visual merchandising and continues with choreographed interactions with customers as team members pull the relevant tea drums down from the wall. Each drum has a small “sample container” in the top, which allows the customer to smell each tea before sampling or buying. The “tea sniffing” is a great example of a brand “moment of truth”, a signature moment that makes David’s tea stand out.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.18.52 PM.png

4. Product naming

David’s Teas don’t have boring or generic names. Each new tea has a fun, interesting and entertaining name. Too many brands overlook this powerful opportunity in my opinion. It’s great to see a brand doing this so well.

5. Enabling your enjoyment

The merchandising in the store is very thoughtful. There are plenty of things to buy at David’s Tea, however, those things are there for a reason, to help customers’ get more enjoyment and pleasure out of their tea-drinking experience. It’s clear that this is a brand that’s driven first and foremost by a sense of purpose.

6. Purpose and Passion
This is a brand that’s built on a genuine love of what they do, and that applies to everyone who works there. Each time you walk into David’s Tea, you meet people who love tea and want to share the love with others. For us, shopping there is a form of entertainment. We rave about it and tell all of our friends. This really is a brand worth talking about.