Expert Panel on Emerging Wearable Technology hosted by MillennialTalk

// Is it true that some wearable technology can help fight addiction?

Deeper connections b/w healthcare industry & wearables are actively being pursued, w/ startups like @ManaHealth emerging. Wearables offer haptic feedback, recreating the sense of touch. Haptic reminders can be useful for weight loss, medication reminders, and encouraging more physical activity. I could see the tech helping people with addiction by monitoring and reminding. Positive reinforcement helps drive smarter choices, & wearables offer that through haptic and visual feedback. 

// What are some specific examples things happening now with wearable technology?

Obvious plays by @withings, @fitbit, @jawbone, @pebble & @samsung. @Pebble’s latest product release, #FreshHotFly takes a page from Apple’s 5C design playbook  There’s a big desire for elegance in wearables – I love @getringly & look forward to seeing @Intel’s collab w/ Opening Ceremony & Barneys this Fall. Google Glass continues to be creepy and visually invasive, despite their collab with DVF. Re: product design, who says wearables need to be visible? I’d love to see a product w/ valuable invisibility – track, don’t distract.  

// What are some wearable toys coming out soon?

Minimalism is here – @martiannotifier supports Android & iOS, and focuses on wearable alerts in a minimalistic shell. @Misfit works w/ many wearables, has long-lasting battery life but is specific to iOS. The fashion industry is in early stage of solving for wearables, the perfect form+function fusion has yet to be released. Next up will be the Apple Watch (set to launch Oct/Nov) – ears are perked up to see with Angela Ahrendts will do. But Apple will have to be competitive with Android watch players, Samsung, Motorola and LG. Apple Healthkit & Google Fit, coming in Fall. iPhone 6 in late Sept too, may put many fitness-tracking specific apps out of "business", and realize they built a feature, not a product.