What We're Studying Now: Slow Living | June 2019

Re: #SlowLiving x #HumanCenteredDesign - Currently studying how to authentically incorporate these principles to our latest experiential design for retail, a few thoughts: Some people have reverse-engineered SLOW as an acronym: Sustainable, Local, Organic, and Whole. While some of these principles apply to other aspects of slow living, itโ€™s certainly most applicable to slow food with its emphasis on quality ingredients, sustainability, and local production and consumption. The people in the Blue Zones who live the longest on Earth (like the Ikarians who live simply for 100+ years) would approve ๐ŸŒฟ By joining the slow movement we have the opportunity to connect to life. What does connecting to life mean? To connect to life is to connect to every aspect of our lives. Most important of all is to connect to ourselves, and to our own movement within life. That is, to connect to our body and our mind, to connect to spirituality, to our stage in life and to connect to the natural rhythms that guide us // #designbetter

Mary Elise Chavez