What We're Experiencing Now: MoFE | Aug 2019

If you could re-live your dreams, what would they look like?

🌒 In the wide sea of VR, we were pleasantly surprised with our recent field trip to @this.must.be.mofe, the newly minted Museum of Future Experiences in SoHo.

Dubbed as a series of individually prescribed virtual reality dreams, we were intrigued by this concept of personalized narratives, that connect on a deeper, more emotional level 👁 The experience was theatrical, compelling and fresh. The multi-sensory nature of each dream included audio, visual and haptic - expressed through stunning VR by @flatsitter ☁️ Each visit to MoFE promises to build upon your last, continuing the dive into your hopes, fears and dreams.

We can't wait to return, and encourage you to visit during their limited run.

👉🏼 On through Aug 30 at 76 Wooster St (a storied building where Warhol created 🥫and Grace Jones chic underground resto La Vie en Rose once lived 🌹 // #emotifExplores

[🌙 Projections & design by @hybridmovementcompany ]

Mary Elise Chavez