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Are Bad Habits Killing your Brand Innovation Efforts?

...In almost every category of business, the current approach leads to managers seeking to squeeze a few more percentage points of revenue out of business practices that they have already optimized, over and over again, in many cases going back decades. 

Managers end up ignoring bigger opportunities because they don't fit neatly into the established paradigms implied by existing measurement systems. Put simply, the needs of the measurement system start to outweigh the broader need of the business (to grow, to add value, to win).

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Brands are not dead, but those that don't adapt might be

igital media represents a huge challenge to the theory and practice of branding. Some have even questioned if brands are now "dying". We don't think so, but we do think that many tactics used for brand-building are being rapidly replaced by new approaches. The way forward is about more than just adopting the latest digital tools, it requires a new way of thinking about, and managing, brand value. The following articles explores this topic in depth.

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