Dash In Food Stores

When Dash In first came to us, they had a thriving convenience store / gas station business of over 450 stores; and yet that business largely operated under the "umbrella" of other people's brands. Their prominent use of the brands of several major oil companies meant that many customers were unaware that they were at a "Dash In" at all. Read More


Following the acquisition of several businesses in the mobile payment space, Velocity needed a brand that reflected their expanding offerings for discerning high net-worth customers. As a premium experience platform, offering insider access to a curated selection of the world’s best dining and hospitality experiences, they needed a premium lifestyle brand that both reflected and enhanced their offerings. Read More

The Wills Group | HQ Design

For The Wills Group, a new corporate headquarters was a critical component in their broader corporate transformation that included new ways of doing things for existing employees, and a need to attract a new generation of talent to fulfill the company’s strategic aspirations. Our design touched every aspect of the 50,000 square foot project designed to house up to 400 employees. Read More

The Wills Group

The Wills Group has enjoyed 90 years of growth and success in the Mid-Atlantic region. As with many successful and long-lived businesses, they found themselves at an inflection point in their history. Long-held assumptions had shifted; new entrants had entered their core markets and the mix of tools and talent they needed to be successful has changed significantly. Read More

The Weather Company

The Weather Company’s business, and their customer demographics, have changed enormously over the years. From their origins in cable tv as “The Weather Channel”, they have grown their digital business to include one of the most downloaded apps in the US, as well as a site that’s consistently one of the top 40 website by traffic.  Read More

Sony Music

Sony Music is a leader in the global music industry because they constantly push the boundaries of value creation: for artists, partners and audiences. We helped Sony grow their brand experience by helping them to design innovative new platforms for managing people and insights.  Read More

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers was an iconic American Burger joint that wanted to connect with a new generation of customers. Our challenge was to help Red Robin transform its brand into a more contemporary concept while retaining the heart and soul of a restaurant that had been a cherished dining ritual for many Americans since the company’s founding in Seattle in 1969. Read More


In collaboration with the founders of StreetEasy, we were tasked with designing their next venture, String, a global experience discovery app. String’s goal is to make it easier than ever to find great things to do.  Read More


Emotif collaborated with ECOS for EXPOWest 2018, the largest natural products show in the world. As the Leader in Green Cleaning, ECOS was looking to make a splash with their product launch for ECOS Breeze Room Spray, a line of non-toxic, earth-friendly room fresheners.  Read More


Our work with 3M was focused on helping the storied Minnesota company to give focus and clarity to its corporate brand across 10 major industrial and consumer markets, with 33 major product platforms, and customers in almost every country on earth.  Read More

Brunswick Boat Group

As the world’s largest manufacturer of power boats, with a significant presence in the motor yacht and “runabout” markets, Brunswick Boat Group was looking for a more organized approach to managing its brand portfolio of more than 10 boat and yacht brands.  Read More


With significant investments made in the emerging market for wearable technology, the team at Intel Corporation wanted to better understand the customer journey for Wearable Technology purchases in order to increase the rate of adoption and provide a better buying and usage experience for new adopters. Read More

FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting is a successful global professional services firm, with offices in 27 countries, across six continents. With over 50 discrete offerings, spread across five major practice areas, FTI’s challenge was to understand the common strategic themes within a diverse global customer base. Read More

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Why Emotif?


Since our founding, the demand for transformative change has only increased. As more and more industries get disrupted by technology, there is a dawning realization that traditional approaches to the theory and practice of brand management no longer apply.

Savvy companies are questioning long-held assumptions and entering uncharted waters in response to novel threats and opportunities. The savviest among them realizing that "the obstacle is the way" and that they must fully embrace the changes which threaten legacy business models, as opportunities for transformative value creation.

Emotif helps clients navigate these waters by using the brand as a tool for engineering new relationships between companies and their customers, employees and suppliers. Rather than be swept passively along, our clients are able to re-imagine their brands as an organizing framework: to get on the front foot, engaging productively with changing times, markets and expectations.

In order to be effective in this role, we have a bias towards tangible outputs and cross-discipline integration. Our goal is to better align our clients' vision and purpose with what they actually deliver to customers. We call this approach "brands that deliver". This mindset allows us to combine how a business looks and sounds (the typical arena of branding firms and agencies) with the fundamentals of designing products, services and customer interactions, in both physical and digital spaces. 

We work across disciplines, because we believe this is table stakes for making a difference, and help breathe life into exciting ideas through activation. We practice iterative design and rapid prototyping.

You can read what our clients have to say about working with us here.