Brunswick Boat Group

Research and Insight:
market segmentation of the global market for power boats and yachts


As the world’s largest manufacturer of power boats, with a significant presence in the motor yacht and “runabout” markets, Brunswick Boat Group was looking for a more organized approach to managing its brand portfolio of more than 10 boat and yacht brands. 

With the bulk of sales coming from Europe and North America, Brunswick needed to understand how its various products and brands were positioned in each market, relative to major competitors and to Brunswick’s other brands. 

The competitive positioning of brands and products varied greatly from one market to the next due to a combination of climate, boating traditions, social structure and local tastes. Our multi-year engagement with Brunswick helped to make sense of this complex and fragmented market, and put it into a framework that formed the basis for the development of an effective brand architecture, creating strategic clarity around how best to go to market utilizing an array of different brands and product types. 


What We Did:

Research & Insight


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