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Mapping The Customer Journey for the Wearable Technology Market


With significant investments made in the emerging market for wearable technology, the team at Intel Corporation wanted to better understand the customer journey for Wearable Technology purchases in order to increase the rate of adoption and provide a better buying and usage experience for new adopters. This fast-growing market was in its early stages and the typical boundaries between different product categories had not yet come into sharp relief.

Consumer motivations for buying these products ran the gamut from enhancing communications, facilitating mobile payments, pure fashion, health & wellness and athletic pursuits of all kinds, from perfecting a golf swing to tracking the intensity of a workout. Here was a product category that existed at the collision point between many other product categories, along with some genuinely new and groundbreaking technological possibilities.


What We Did:

Research & Insight

Trend Analysis

Customer Journey Mapping


A Unified Framework

The focus of our work was to sort through this complexity and to develop a unified framework for understanding the customer journey, from initial interest, through discovery, to purchase and usage. Given the complexity of this market, this involved identifying both the common threads as well as the deep differences in customer needs and behaviors that arose from the different entry points, motivators and product types.

Identifying the Customer

Our work helped the team to map the vastly different types of customer, product and opportunity to a coherent framework, as a foundation for designing a better experience for the emerging wearable technology customer.

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