Dash In

Brand Transformation at Dash In Food Stores

When Dash In first came to us, they had a thriving convenience store / gas station business of over 450 stores; and yet that business largely operated under the "umbrella" of other people's brands. Their prominent use of the brands of several major oil companies meant that many customers were unaware that they were at a "Dash In" at all.

For the next stage of growth, Dash In wanted to assert their own proprietary brand, with the potential to take their business in interesting new directions that were not possible under the current model. The task ahead of us was to build a new Dash In brand that could stand on it's own and connect meaningfully with its customers. Beyond brand strategy, this work entailed the development of new business models and the validation of those business models via limited market testing, pilot stores, and, ultimately, scaling the successful model to the network.


Designing the Customer Experience.

Our team began by working with Dash In to define what the brand was capable of standing for in customers' minds and then working with the Dash In team to build a plan to deliver on that vision. On the one hand, we faced the looming threat of technology companies' continued disruption of "traditional" retail. On the other hand we saw significant opportunities to redefine the customer experience for an industry in new and interesting ways.

The result was the development, not only of a new brand strategy, but a new business strategy developed with a "brand and customer-centric future" in mind. Our approach merged strategic thinking on the fundamentals of Dash In's value proposition with thinking on Dash In's purpose, and how this could purpose be brought to life for the brand.


Bringing the New Brand to Life.

This integrated approach continued into implementation. Our vision of transforming the brand at the operational level involved creating a framework that brought all the important stakeholders to the table, working in an integrated manner to define a new identity for the brand through a combination of product, design and operational changes. Throughout this process, we worked alongside a group of hand-picked fellow travelers in the areas of menu design, supply chain, architectural design, interior design, CRM and payment technology. We led this process in close cooperation with a steering team representing all of Dash In's key executive leadership functions, with Operations and Marketing both playing leading roles.

The result was the development of a new strategic vision, a new brand identity to deliver on that vision, and a range of exciting changes to product, business operations and ultimately, customer perceptions of the brand.