Sony Music

design of big-data brand management platforms


Sony Music is a leader in the global music industry because they constantly push the boundaries of value creation: for artists, partners and audiences. We helped Sony grow their brand experience by helping them to design innovative new platforms for managing people and insights.

Sony Music Atlas

Sony Music’s Research & Segmentation practice, Atlas, needed an update. We led the design of a platform that allows Sony’s record labels, marketers and brand partners to extract consumer insights from over 75 million market research data points in real time. 


What We Did:

Research & Insight

Information Architecture

User Experience Design

Web Design

Mobile Web Design


The platform works by fusing multiple data sets to identify promising partnership opportunities between artists and brands. This requires an intuitive interface design: to make sense of large data sets with effective data visualizations. The system features include: demographic analysis, comparative analytics, customer segmentation, segmentation reporting, industry insights and deep-dive searches for artists, brands or both.

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Sony Music U

Sony Music U, the national college rep program for Sony Music, needed to be modernized and streamlined. Outdated word-processing tools and email were being used to manage complex assignments across multiple locations making efficient workflow impossible. 

We began by understanding the true workflow needs of the entire group, at head office and in the field; from these insights we designed a new platform. We retired the multiple tools used previously, and replaced them with a single, streamlined interface that included task management, performance reviews, social content collection, analytics and reporting. 

Our design introduced flexible, adaptive design, to ensure accessibility from multiple devices in the field. An intuitive user-experience and guided onboarding process helped platform adoption and resulted in a more productive and inspired staff.

With over 65 college campuses coast-to-coast, Sony Music U is the key engine behind on-campus lifestyle marketing to spread awareness of new artists, promote shows, and engage fans on a grassroots level. The College Music Platform empowers Music Managers, Artists, Brands and College Representatives to collaborate to capture and share insights, promote artists and stay current. 

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