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Brand Management Systems

A brand is only as effective as your ability to deliver it, consistently, over time. Modern brands span many formats and touch-points, and companies need an effective system for ensuring that brand standards are being followed in a wide array of contexts.

We work with our clients to create digital brand management hubs to provide a single “version of truth” for all brand content, guidelines and assets. Frequently, this work entails combining “off the shelf” brand asset management systems with customized elements that meet each client’s unique, specific needs. In some cases, e.g. when managing large field sales forces with complex workflows and interactions, a completely bespoke approach is needed. Our general philosophy is to avoid “re-inventing the wheel” but also not try to force-fit standardized solutions on to clients’ that have particular needs. 

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Prototyping & Pilots

Many of our clients engage us to help with bold moves to revitalize their brands. These major brand transformation initiatives typically require the management of many moving parts (coordinating marketing, product, service, technology etc.) We help our clients to manage the inherent uncertainty in the prototyping process through effective performance measurement and timely, disciplined analysis.

Our pilot / prototype support activities include:

  • Identifying the most promising ideas for development into pilot and prototype programs

  • Prototype design and development

  • Rapid data gathering tools and analysis

Our Philosophy on:



Brand activation is a balancing act: on the one hand, it’s important to deliver the intent of the original strategy, on the other hand, brand activation is an opportunity to learn what customers really want, and adapt accordingly. We believe that these two objectives can, and should be complimentary to each other. 

Activating a brand effectively requires fluency in several different skills domains. We have made it our business to pursue this fluency in order to provide superior services to our clients:

  • Following a strategic plan but also recognizing and managing market realities in real time

  • Understanding the order in which related events and dependencies need to happen

  • Prioritizing assets and actions based on value-creation potential 

  • Identifying and managing innovation risk when needed

  • Gathering consumer feedback and incorporating it quickly into future plans



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