designing an immersive experience for the launch of ecos breeze


Emotif collaborated with ECOS for EXPOWest 2018, the largest natural products show in the world. As the Leader in Green Cleaning, ECOS was looking to make a splash with their product launch for ECOS Breeze Room Spray, a line of non-toxic, earth-friendly room fresheners.

We designed an immersive experience to celebrate this product launch and entry into the air freshener category. The line was inspired by an array of moods to allow customers to choose a scent that reflects their vibe. Find Your ECOS Vibe became the mantra of the trade show, and dressed many pieces of bespoke creative. Mood scents include: Chill (lavender vanilla), Bold (honeydew), Fun (Magnolia & Lily), True (Bamboo & Lemon) and Bright (Parsley).

We collaborated on the design of the sensory experience (#ECOSvibe) to celebrate the launch. Guests entered our reflective lightbox to discover their ECOS vibe and thus, discover their signature scent. Participants experienced the room full of saturated colored light, with each light hue representing one of the five scents. In place of a step-and-repeat, we designed a street-art inspired mural based on the product packaging, and built a sprawling disco ball backdrop which became the most buzzed about selfie station at the show. The disco installation created reflections of the products and colored light, transporting visitors to an unexpected art installation.

We shared the experience across social media to drive product awareness, traffic to the booth and encourage product testing. Our efforts resulted in a 400% growth in engagement on Instagram during the trade show.

Our work helped ECOS deliver a compelling experience to celebrate this exciting product launch, and elevate their ExpoWest presence to strongly represent the brand to key clients including Amazon, Jet and Whole Foods.


What We Did:

Experience Design

Bespoke Creative

Social Media Marketing

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