The Weather Company

evolution of a household name


The Weather Company’s business, and their customer demographics, have changed enormously over the years. From their origins in cable tv as “The Weather Channel”, they have grown their digital business to include one of the most downloaded apps in the US, as well as a site that’s consistently one of the top 40 websites by traffic. 

Brand Strategy

For the Weather Company, a clear brand positioning was an important step in creating an effective system to answer important questions about what kinds of content they did (and didn’t) want to make, and how that content could live and breathe in a cross channel world. It enabled them to make the most out of the opportunities for rich storytelling that different media provide (TV, Web, Online Video, Apps etc.) 

With our help they were able to articulate a new brand strategy and brand positioning, and create a coherent plan for translating that positioning into the many different forms of content that they are able to create on their platforms. This was important to effectively connect the “simple facts” of weather news with some of the richer and deeper narratives that weather-related storytelling can inspire. 


What We Did:

Brand Strategy

Brand Book

Customer Experience Design


Customer Experience Design

For a media company, customer experience design is less about taking people through a linear path on a fixed journey and more about how to engage people and draw them in to explore different content, stories and narratives under a coherent overall framework. Our customer experience mapping with the weather channel created a blueprint for managing a large and complex content-creation engine that included weather data, live news, reportage, documentaries and even weather and “natural world” related entertainment content. 

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