launch of a new era in premium hospitality


Following the acquisition of several businesses in the mobile payment space, Velocity needed a brand that reflected their expanding offerings for discerning high net-worth customers. As a premium experience platform, offering insider access to a curated selection of the world’s best dining and hospitality experiences, they needed a premium lifestyle brand that both reflected and enhanced their offerings.

We led the post-acquisition rebrand of Velocity, beginning with brand architecture, strategy and brand positioning. We developed a brand strategy framework based on the internal mantra of “Time is your most precious asset”. This mantra encapsulated Velocity’s core value proposition: a more rewarding use of your time. It also provided the foundational design principle that informed the ongoing development of digital and “real world” experiences. 

We delivered on this promise through a richly curated index of hospitality experiences including: dining, travel, entertainment and culture.


What We Did:

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Visual System Design

Brand Book

Web Design

Customer Experience Design

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy

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THE Brand Promise, Expressed

For all customer-facing collateral, the driving force for core brand messaging was Velocity’s commitment to Expertise. We developed a complementary guiding theme of Celebration to express the brand outwardly in three key ways:

Celebrate the Venue | Celebrate the Craft | Celebrate the Connection

brand identity + user experience design

With four unique brands on the table with vastly different identities, our first step was gaining clarity of what the new Velocity would offer to customers. Establishing a clear brand strategy and a unique brand positioning enabled us to design an elevated and sophisticated visual system that delivered on our brand pillars. 

We led design across web, mobile, and social media properties, extending our design principles and brand voice to these platforms. Utilizing custom photography and typography, we developed a stand-out user experience that resulted in a 250% increase in engagement. The rebrand received wide acclaim, garnering industry recognition.

Our rebrand helped secure the next notable milestone for Velocity, a successful Series B raise to help launch Velocity Black, an invitation-only members club for the experience generation.

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marketing excellence

We provided a clear success framework for design and marketing teams globally across five cities including: New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. Through this process, we led the team in selecting promising brand partnerships and designing customer experiences and marketing collateral for activations at Cannes Film Festival, Coachella, SIXTY Hotels and more.

Partnerships with premium hospitality groups across the US and UK included: Major Food Group, Dinex, Mercer Street Hospitality, Coya, Nobu, Blue Hill, Cosme, Charlie Bird, Peyote and more. 

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